Introducing another first! Last year, we tested the waters in Orlando with our general market advertising and it pulled extremely well. So, we’re offering some interesting co-op opportunities for 2016.

From online video and banner advertising to the Orlando Sentinel’s Explore Florida Summer program, we’re offering a multimedia showcase of the best travel opportunities in Florida.

Why not include yours?

Code: OR1 is the market’s go-to online source for news, entertainment
and travel ideas.

Audience: Ages: Adults 25-54, HHI 95,000+
Total Impressions: 4,000,000
Unit Size: Cross platform banner ads
Insertion Date: April through July
Coverage Area: Primary: Orlando DMA; Secondary: Domestic/International
# of Partners: Capped at 6
Value: $ 70,000
Partner Benefits: Entertainment, travel, news & mobile app. 800 x 600 & 320 x 270 interstitials, responsive ads with in-unit video pre-roll :15 with 300 x 250.

Partner Rate: $5,812 • Non-Partner Rate: $6,683

Code: OR2
Orlando Sentinel

The Orlando Sentinel is Central Florida’s Pulitzer Prize-winning daily newspaper, delivering news, entertainment and advertising every day.

Audience: Median Age in Central Florida is 41. HHI: $45,000+
Circulation: Ad 258,000, Banners 500,000
Unit Size: 2c x 7” 4/c – May 29, June 12, June 26 and July. Explore FL Travel Magazine –
May 15 plus advertorial. Banner ads plus online advertorial (May – Sept.)
Insertion Date: Full-page ad May 15. Advertorial May 17 through September. Banners May 15 through September. 2c x7” print May 29, June12 & 16, July 17
Coverage Area: Orlando DMA (Surrounding Counties)
# of Partners: Capped at 2
Value: $ 18,800
Partner Benefits: 1. Full-page ad to appear in Explore Florida Travel Magazine, 2. Advertorial coverage (includes cross platform edition), 3. Travel Channel Advertorial content, 4. Banners, homepage, travel & entertainment, 5. Explore Florida banners.

Partner Rate: $4,218 • Non-Partner Rate: $4,850